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Beans, Corn, Fertilizer, Inoculants
Agrology Crop & Soil provides TerraMax Inoculants.  
These products contain natural occurring bacteria that is found in most soils already, but in lower counts making them less effective.
Vertex-IF Corn Inoculant


  • Vertex-IF combines two great TerraMax products, MicroAZ-IF and PSB-IF for greater yield potential. The proven performance of Vertex-IF gives the plant the benefits of fixing atmospheric nitrogen and increasing root growth through the stabilized bacteria Azospirillum.*
    • Fixes atmospheric nitrogen (NFB)
    • Stimulates root growth
    • Releases phosphorous from soil particles
    • Pairs with most starters


MicroAZ-ST Dry™ Seed Treatment for Corn


  • MicroAZ-ST Dry™ provides superior stability ensuring the bacteria’s survival. Provides superior stability ensuring the bacteria’s survival. The special nutrient blend is a seed inoculant product is used to stimulate germination and rooting in grasses.The microorganisms in MicroAZ-ST Dry™ seed inoculant are naturally occurring and will not harm the environment.*
    • Improves plant growth
    • Fixes nitrogen
    • Stimulates roots growth
    • Increases yields



Becks PFR Proven Products
  •  Terra Max IF- Soybean
    • TerraMax Liquid-IF is a stabilized in-furrow soybean inoculant containing Bradyrhizobium japonicum. This stabilized in-furrow applications allow it to be tank mixed with most starters, making TerraMax Liquid-IF one of the easiest ways to inoculate your soybeans or to double inoculate. In cases where soybeans haven’t been planted in 3-4 years or virgin soils this is an easy way to provide a second application of inoculant.*
      • Encourages nodulation

      • Superior adherence to seed

      • Nutritional advantage for seed germination

      • Stabilized for survival

    • View Biological Study

  • Terra Max AZ-IF- Corn
    • MicroAZ-IF is an in-furrow inoculant for corn that contains the stabilized bacteria Azospirillum. It’s easy to use and can be tank mixed with starter fertilizers.

    • The Azospirillum in MicroAZ-IF harvests and fixes atmospheric nitrogen so that it can be used by the plant; it also exudes plant-like compounds that stimulate root development for improved nutrient uptake and increased yields. Once the planted seed germinates and the roots start to develop, the bacteria attach to the roots and begin to work.*

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