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Agrology Crop & Soil provides TerraMax Soybean Inoculants.  
These products contain natural occurring bacteria that is found in most soils already, but in lower counts making them less effective.

Benefits of TerraMax Soybean Inoculants from Agrology Crop & Soil:


• Fixes nitrogen.

• Stabilized for superior survival.

• Encourages the establishment of nodules.

• Nutritional advantage for the germinating seed.

• 120-day “on seed” stability — no need for extenders.

• Possible increase yield


Becks PFR Proven Products
  •  Terra Max IF- Soybean
    • Contains Bradyrhizobium japonicum inoculant in TerraMax’s enhanced Stabilization Formula for maximum growth potential.
  • Terra Max AZ-IF- Corn
    • Two strains of Azospirillum, improve plant growth, fixes nitrogen, and stimulates rooting​

  • See TerraMax official website for more products. 

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