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Agrology Crop & Soil offers a complete line of crop protection, both name-brand and generic. Ask us about financing. 

Corteva crop protection products reduce risks and increase farmer control over pests, weeds, and diseases.

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Meristem Crop Performance 
Meristem creates real economic value by helping
farmers and independent agribusinesses make the most of their infrastructure and intellectual property investments by removing waste in the crop input distribution channel.
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BASF helps farmers to sustainably increase the yields and the quality of their crops. By nurturing a culture of innovation in alignment with customers’ needs, our technologies aim to ensure that crops grow healthier, stronger and more resistant to stress factors, such as heat or drought.
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Helena Agri-Enterprises, LLC is one of the foremost agronomic solutions providers in the United States. Helena markets and sells inputs that improve agricultural productivity for greater customer returns. This includes seed and seed treatments, fertilizer and application services, crop protectants, financial services and precision ag services. Helena also has its own line of products through Helena Products Group, which includes adjuvants, crop protection products, fertilizers, crop production products and seed treatments.
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Van Diest Supply Company is a farm inputs distributor for all of the major agricultural chemical companies. We are committed to providing products and services that consistently meet or exceed customer expectations.Van Diest formulates and package a wide range of liquid and dry products and package sizes using a variety of formulation processes. 
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