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3-14-14 with Sweetner: 100% orthophosphate low salt purity plant fertilizer manufactured entirely from food grade phosphoric acid, potassium hydroxide, ammonium hydroxide and low biurette urea ( all materials meet or exceed FCC ( Food Chemical Codex), specifications). 


Zypro maximizes fertility programs by optimizing the native soil microbial community. As a true catalyst
of biological processes in the soil, Zypro boosts productivity and releases plant-available nutrients for
strong early-season development.


Receptor® is an Advanced Nutrient Catalyst that helps you extract more value from your liquid fertilizer. It is a
unique combination of three well known plant growth regulators — IBA, Gibberellic Acid and Kinetin — blended into a solution of carboxylic and polyphenolic acids. Receptor is the first EPA-registered plant growth
regulator labeled for increased fertilizer uptake and efficiency.


Helping crops reach their full potential. At AgXplore, plant nutrition, fertility management, and crop nutrient products are designed with one goal: increase your crop’s yield. By combining our custom technologies with properties that reduce stress and enhance plant development, helping growers maximize each field’s ROI capability.

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